My Career


Born of a Swedish mother of a French father I married my German corres 🙂 I became Franco-German and European in the soul

My leitmotiv: build bridges between the France and Germany.

Since 1993, after my studies in France, I had the joy of doing a three-year rotational training in transport and logistics Made in Germany!

I then worked 25 years in Germany in Bremen in a private SME, in the sectors of energy projects, cement and infrastructure.

I worked as a project manager at the design office (Tender Management) to design and calculate the transport of heavy industrial equipment, complex of the country of origin and destination in South East Asia.

I had the privilege of going to my clients’ shipyards in Asia to analyze the feasibility of transportation concepts upstream of the project and then supervise the operations of receiving the heavy packages in the operating phase.

I have therefore developed my skills in my core business (freight forwarder) with passion and enthusiasm.

Next, because I am curious and eager to optimize the processes in business , I trained myself in commercial marketing: I created and implemented our internal and external documentation by exempting our corporate design and giving us a professional image towards our customers.

I was promoted to head trainer of our young recruits for 8 years to guide them in their training and their first steps in the company.

Back to the roots now …. Today, I returned to France and I now want to  support French entrepreneurs who want to succeed with their service providers and / or customers in Germany.

I offer customized solutions in lead management, marketing, à la carte, corporate design, templates and training for your engineers and / or collaborators, in order to structure your business and focus on the essentials: your customers and their satisfaction.