Running “lean” is not a buzzword; it is an important approach that can ensure your business maximizing every resource. It can take some creative thinking and hard work, but the savings can make your business fit and strong.

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Born of a Swedish mother, of a French father, I married my German corres 🙂 and I became Franco-German and European in the soul.
I crossed Germany from a young age and I I loved the apple juice on clean and green rest areas, the nice cars and the speed on the highways. I ordered small shrimp toasts in German on the ferry between Puttgarden and Rodby.
It did not surprise anyone when I took German as a first language, I had a fantastic time in the Bremen region and finally left France at the age of 22 after studying BTS to marry my corres German 🙂 and work in Germany.
Since 1993, after my studies in France, I had the joy of doing a three-year training course in transport and logistics, specialization project “Made in Germany”!
I then worked for 25 years in this famous company that educated me, in Germany in Bremen in a private SME, in the sectors of energy projects, cement and infrastructure.
I worked as project manager, junior then senior, at the design office (Tender Management) to design and calculate the transport of heavy industrial equipment, complex of the country of origin and destination South Asia countries so far.
France missed me. I was 46 years old and it was now or never.
So I took my courage in both hands and I come back to the country.
My goal now is to give back what I have learned and come to support French entrepreneurs who want to succeed with their service providers and / or customers in Germany.
I propose with www.cibi-coaching.com personalized solutions, lean management, à la carte, consulting analysis, commercial marketing follow-up, corporate design, template creation and professional language training in German.